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Yacht Provisions

Efficient Ordering & Delivery

Our warehouse and offices are just around the corner from Athens International Airport, as well as in Corfu and Rhodes creating strategic hubs for logistic access for all the Greek Islands and mainland Greece. Our primary goal is to ensure 100% freshness of all products upon arrival onboard your vessel.

One key element is effective packaging materials, and then maintaining the cold chain throughout the transportation process. We have researched and ultimately fine-tuned our packaging systems for worldwide export, and guarantee the order will be in perfect condition even after a 2 day transit. BFG Provisions also ships orders directly multiple times per week to all the main Greek islands during both the summer and winter season.

Professional Assistance

We consolidate your custom made provisioning order and organise the official paperwork that is required at the port of entry for customs clearance. Collaboration with reliable local agents is critically important and we have a network of professional assistance in place. If you have a question or need more information please contact us directly.
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BFG Provisions delivers all your needs:
Dry Stores

High Quality Meat

Our meat is hand-selected from pastured farms worldwide who specialise in selective breeds. Certified Wagyu, Black Angus, European beef, rustic breeds of pork and lamb. Our wild game comes from a master butcher, dedicated to his craft, with gorgeous seasonal products.

In cooperation with La Meat Maison, we can supply your business with top-grade meat from the best breeders and ranchers. Providing access to exclusive meat delicacies from around the world at a fair price, we efficiently serve the unique needs of our partners.


Our highly skilled butchers will make sure to cut and deliver the most exclusive kinds of poultry. Delicious authentic breeds of chicken, ostrich steak, gorgeous quails, farm raised duck from local farms to transport several days in a week fresh from Greece, France and Italy are all available at your fingertips.
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High Quality
Fish & Seafood

From freshly caught whole fish, hand cut fillets, oysters, lobster and smoked fish; we can deliver a diverse range of the freshest Mediterranean or cold-water seafood directly from Greek and European markets straight to your galley wherever you are in the world.

High Quality Wine

We hold a wide portfolio of high-quality wines from several Old and New World wine producers. Our clients can enjoy our pairing services where we join our two loves together to make great combinations of taste. For a nightcap, happy hour, brunch, taste pairings; for anything really, let us raise a glass together.
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Dairy & Cheese

We have access to a vast array of spectacular cheeses, from famous large producers to small farms strewn across the countryside of Greece, Cyprus, France, Italy, the U.K. and Spain. All expertly handled, packaged and shipped so each chef will have the ability to create a truly unique cheese course for their guests.

Fresh Produce

We specialise in local and global sourcing of the most beautiful seasonal fruits and vegetables on the planet. From rambutans to heirloom tomatoes, our priority is ensuring that your market fresh produce is carefully packaged and arrives in perfect condition. As with all our food it is locally sourced and certified organic wherever possible.
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Dry Store

Our dry goods stores boast a broad selection of superb pantry products. We have an extensive variety of nuts, dried fruits, spices, herbs, rice, pastas, exclusives, chocolates, blended teas, and much more for you to choose from; all to satisfy the most discerning guest.


We can provide you with the freshest, most spectacular hand-picked cut flowers for a fraction of the cost of local florists. Carefully packed and shipped in a temperature-controlled environment, along with the rest of your provisions, your order is guaranteed to arrive in pristine condition.
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Guest Supplies

Guest toiletries, suntan lotions, magazines in several languages. Seasonal decorations, napkins and eco-friendly cleaning products and much more.

Marine Supply Service

BFG Provisions also provides all your technical marine needs. Through our sister company, BFG Yachting and their marine supply network. Galley and Interior equipment | Bridge and Deck | Engineering | Parts | Tools | Uniforms | Workwear | PPE and Safety. We consolidate your delivery of all marine supply requirements throughout. For any immediate requirements email us any product article numbers and we will expedite.
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