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Yacht Provisions


At BFG Provisions, we understand that the quality and freshness of our products are paramount when it comes to creating exceptional dining experiences on your yacht. To meet this high standard, we’ve dedicated ourselves to perfecting our packaging process, and we’re proud to share the details with you.

Our 100% Freshness Commitment

Our primary goal is to guarantee the 100% freshness of all products upon arrival onboard your vessel. We know that the key element in achieving this is effective packaging materials, combined with maintaining the cold chain throughout the transportation process.

Superyacht Provisions | Yacht Provisions | BFG Provisions
Superyacht Provisions | Yacht Provisions | BFG Provisions

Precision Packaging for Perfection

Rest assured that we employ a meticulous approach when it comes to packaging. We utilize dry ice, not ice bricks, in a calculated and balanced manner to maintain the products at the appropriate temperature for up to 36 hours. Meat, fish and deli are all vacuum packed for an order. This careful method ensures that frozen products reach you in optimal condition without the risk of freezer burn, preserving their texture, taste, and visual appeal. BFG uses tracking light code system.

The Cold Chain's Unbroken Link

Our commitment to maintaining the cold chain is unwavering. From the moment your provisions leave our hands to their arrival on your yacht, we ensure that the integrity of the products remains intact. Our packaging is designed to shield your provisions from temperature variations, guaranteeing that they reach you in the best possible condition. 

Superyacht Provisions | Yacht Provisions | BFG Provisions

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