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BFG Provisions How to Store Cigars

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Cigar aficionados have been enjoying the maritime lifestyle since the days of Columbus, who sailed back from the New World with tobacco in tow. In this article, we’ll share valuable tips on storing cigars aboard your yacht, along with our selection of top-notch humidors.

Superyacht Provisions | Yacht Provisions | BFG Provisions

Navigating the Seas of Cigar Storage

Tips of how to look after cigars on board

1. Optimal Humidor Selection:

Investing in a quality humidor is paramount. Ensure it’s temperature-controlled and well-padded, essential for protecting cigars from the rigors of maritime travel. A tray inside facilitates easy cigar service for your crew, and most humidors come equipped with a hygrometer to monitor the humidity (ideally kept at 70%).

2. Cool and Dark Storage:

Shield your cigars from direct sunlight and excessive heat by selecting a cool, dark storage spot on your yacht. Protect them from temperature fluctuations and preserve their integrity for a delightful smoke.

3. Consider the Accessories:

A state-of-the-art jet-flamed lighter is a must, especially on a breezy deck. Ensure deep, covered ashtrays with a grill to prevent sparks and ash from disrupting the enjoyment of your cigars.

4. Rotate Your Cigars:

Regularly rotating your cigar collection prevents uneven aging, ensuring each cigar maintains its distinct flavor profile and quality.

5. Perfect Pairings with Drinks:

Elevate your cigar experience with expert pairings:

  • Cohiba Blue Classico: Medium-bodied with earthy, creamy, and leathery notes, pairs well with Papá Andrés Rum.
  • Cigars and Bourbon: Explore the rich flavor profiles of bourbon that harmonize with medium and full-bodied cigars.
  • Tequila Blanco: Ideal with a robust cigar, while Reposado tequila complements a softer, richer-tasting smoke.
  • Cognac: For a regal palate, Winston Churchill’s classic choice was Hine Cognac with Cuban Romeo y Julietas Cigars.

6. Top Humidors in Our Opinion:

Explore our curated list of exceptional humidors:

  • Humidor Supreme 100 CT HUMIDOR – Maiden Voyage: Dark Rosewood Finish with a tempered glass top.
  • Maklary Cabinet
  • Quality Importers Solana Desktop Cigar Humidor
  • Visol Captain Walnut Finish 40 Cigar Humidor

Embark on a journey of luxury and leisure on your yacht, where each puff becomes a moment to savor. Contact Us for more guidance.