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BFG Provisions expands to the Caribbean

Superyacht Provisions | Yacht Provisions | BFG Provisions

Luxury yacht provisioning company, BFG Provisions, has announced its expansion into the Caribbean. This move comes as a response to the high standards of yacht owners and guests who demand exceptional culinary experiences at sea. 

BFG Provisions, known for its commitment to quality and service, is setting sail for the Caribbean to meet the growing demand for upscale provisioning services. The company’s aim is to ensure that yacht galleys remain well-stocked with premium ingredients, adding a new layer of luxury to the yachting experience in the region.

Superyacht Provisions | Yacht Provisions | BFG Provisions

The Caribbean, celebrated for its stunning waters, scenic beauty, and rich culture, has long been a popular destination for luxury yacht enthusiasts. BFG Provisions’ expansion to this location underscores its commitment to delivering gourmet excellence wherever its clients venture. 

BFG Provisions’ presence in the Caribbean promises yacht owners and their guests an extraordinary culinary journey. The company’s global network of suppliers ensures that only the freshest and most exquisite provisions find their way into the galleys of these luxury yachts.

Jean Pierre, CEO of BFG Provisions, commented, “We know that sourcing high-quality produce on the islands can be a challenge. That’s why we’ve set up strategic operations to ensure that your provisions reach you within 1-2 days, no matter where your yacht is moored. We employ efficient airfreight services from our base in Greece, making sure you have access to the freshest ingredients on time, every time.”